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My Gaming PC


Corry's Gaming Computer

Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VI Extreme

CPU: Intel Core i7 4770k

 RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengance Pro (Red) 2400Mhz

 VGA Card(s): 2x ASUS R9 290x

HDD: Samsung EVO 250GB & 2TB WD Green 

 Case: Corsair 900D

Moniter(s): 3x AOC 23" IPS Eyefinity, 27 Inch LG IPS, 22" Dell

Input Devices: Logitech G15 and Logitech G500

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64-Bit


 CPU: Swiftech Apagee HD / XSPC RX360 / Swiftech MCP655 / Alpachool 480MM UT60, Alphacool UT30 360mm

GPU: EK Full Cover 290x Nickel


CPU: 4.5 Ghz 1.4v

VGA: 1250Core/1800Memory

RAM: 2400Mhz